Inverted Pushing/Blocking It can do everything. Like most average players, my forehand is a lot stronger than my backhand. I've tried a lot of others, and have stayed with this one for 3 years. It has low, linear trajectory. You want to go for a lower arc on a backhand rubber. The best thing to do would be to use hard rubbers on forehand and soft rubbers on backhand. Butterfly is a Japanese company which is well known for high-quality table tennis products. However, table tennis rubbers …    Medium Pimple rubbers Table tennis rubbers usually come pre-assembled and are made up of two components: the top sheet on the surface and the rubber sponge underneath it. On MegaSpin, this was a recent review for this rubber: “Very good backhand rubber.       Nexy       OOAK Shop The best table tennis rubber for professional players in the 2. Tenergy 64 backhand rubber is great for control.    Recreational / Experimental section    Buy & Sell Table Tennis Equipment       Coaching / Techniques / Instructional With Butterfly Tenergy 05 being the most popular rubber for forehand and backhand. Their backhands, on the other hand, have less power - so they compensate for this by using springier rubber - i.e.       Matches / Tournaments The reason is because harder rubbers are always harder to hit into the sponge where the spin in generated so by putting it on your forehand, which always has more power because of a larger swing and more momentum than the backhand. Because of the high tension technology embedded in this rubber, you can get a good clean block very effortlessly. This rubber is designed a player who plays at a middle distance. Table Tennis HOTLINE: TT Officials, Professional Players/Coaches and Manufacturers Butterfly describe it as “the world’s best table tennis rubber… It has a speed rating of 135 and spin rating of 105 and hardness of 36. In playing competitive table tennis, you don’t become the best in the world by using an inferior product. Wow!!!!    ITTF Watch    Professional Table Tennis Players & Coaches       SP Techniques 2.       Pimples / Antispin Videos It’s pretty fast – I think you can play very comfortably in mid distance.”. //-->, Board index » Table Tennis Equipment - Specialised/Mainstream » Equipment (All) /* OOAK Forum Wide */ Then when they fade off the table in hopes of delivering ferocious mid-distance loops, I change up with soft-blocks (similar to a drop shot) to draw them into the table.       General The top sheet is the material that grips and makes direct contact with the ball while the rubber … Table Tennis Equipment - Specialised/Mainstream You know you’re an intermediate level player if you’re asking about the best table tennis rubber for backhand.Ma Long – the top table tennis player in the world – is known to use Tenergy 64 as his preferred backhand rubber. I use Stiga . To produce a top-spin you need more thickness. //-->.       LP Chopping I am going to restrict myself to just a few rubbers and blades. Table Tennis - Other topics Usually I try to drive my opponents away from the table with penetrating backhand drives.    Inverted rubbers    Table Tennis Videos You can get it for a pretty good price on Amazon (click here). With this in mind, it is imperative that you choose the best table tennis rubber based on your specific style of play. For forehand spin, I highly recommend Tenergy 05.Below are the features of this best backhand rubbers.       Serving    Table Tennis Robots Search for: Find the right ping pong equipment and improve your game! Table Tennis Equipment - Specialised/Mainstream, Re: Backhand Rubber for the Average Player, ... cts_id=175, Rating in the middle/low range in the region, Click Here to see TableTennis11 CEO Sergei Petrov's Introductory Interview, ... t-pictures. UltraBite Table Tennis Rubber by Muzitao. That being said just to remind the readers, I don’t recommend this rubber for forehand because it is not as good for topspins. This sponge is light and therefore the thickness is only 1.7mm. We often refer to the terms of table tennis rackets and … It's worth reading all the comments that follow on the Chinese player thread. Spin and loop are also very good – you can really feel the ball dig in the sponge. Hi what do you want to do on your backhand , do you push or try to spin now? To maintain the best performance of this rubber… I think it shines in fast drive/counters from close or mid distance. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5169084060799506"; Tenergy 64 provides these features. For backhand, you need a rubber which is fast, can block and allows for flat hitting.    Short Pimple rubbers If you’ve ever played with Tenergy, you’ve probably wondered if there are any decent Tenergy 05 alternatives. /* OOAK Forum Link-list */ So I will get straight on with my recommendations. The table tennis racket is composed of 4 parts: handle, blade, rubber, and sponge. Mark V - more expensive euro style grippy rubber. Best table tennis bats for beginners; Best table tennis bats for intermediate players; My recommendations. You can't really go wrong with it. Almost certainly, if you use Tenergy 64, you will have an advantage relative to your previous game and competitors; particularly, if you know or learn how to use this new rubber well. It’s probably a bit easier to judge whether a rubber …       LP Pushing/Blocking google_ad_height = 90; google_ad_slot = "9780382067"; I wanted to ask people what they would recommend as backhand rubber for the average club player. Click here to see the lowest price . Yes, you will get more spin with the thicker rubbers, but in my opinion the lack of control more than offsets this.       Inverted Looping I started playing again after some time out of the game, and it is fun. OK, which brings up the obvious question. I started playing again after some time out of the game, and it is fun. Kalinikos Kreanga - The King. I know that Butterfly rubbers are expensive if you can’t afford to acquire this rubber right now, just wait until you can afford it. It has great control and spin. I remember as a teenager playing with Mach 5 on the forehand, and something else (and slower) on the backhand. Maybe you can try yasaka mark V. Pretty much simple and do all rubber.    Announcements Some of it is quite surprising. OOAK Forum Announcements Surface Thickness: Thin (0.71mm). Don't want to see any advertising? Sponge Hardness: Medium. Like most average players, my forehand is a lot stronger than my backhand.    Table Tennis Manufacturers, Suppliers & Retailers    Health, Fitness & Nutrition The reason for this is the medium-hard Sponge, which is paired with the pre tensed rubber. 2) The humidity does effect the performance of the rubber. This is why table tennis companies often give all their rubbers high levels of control.    ITTF & Table Tennis Associations Take a look at the video on the Advanced Backhand Topspin for more help on this one. Select a forum Ma Long – the top table tennis player in the world – is known to use Tenergy 64 as his preferred backhand rubber.       Hardbat - Equipment and Techniques       Inverted chopping google_ad_height = 15;    Table Tennis Tournaments    Table Tennis Techniques, Strategies & Coaching    Long Pimple rubbers google_ad_slot = "1482545316"; Butterfly Dignics 05. If you are looking for a surface for your racket that can enhance your game, … Next: Best Table tennis … Also very good blocking. I hope you like this review from ... Hurricane 3 is better for forehand, and butterfly is suggested for backhand. OOAK Table Tennis Forum A truly International Table Tennis … I am looking for a rubber with LOTS of control as today I realised that will win me games. For example, if the opposition is attacking you, the ball will go in the grip of the grooves of this rubber and the spring sponge will return the ball back with high speed and heavy spin.       Antispin Techniques Then if they come into the table, I drive strongly to push them off the table … You cannot post new topics in this forumYou cannot reply to topics in this forumYou cannot edit your posts in this forumYou cannot delete your posts in this forumYou cannot post attachments in this forum Good control and good spin with a bit of speed to boot. Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber which offers extremely high power and spin.       Penhold LP techniques Since its release in 2008, Tenergy 05 has been practically worshiped by table tennis players the world over! What is the best rubber out there for the backhand. Before we go any further, the top table tennis … The combination of these parts determines the quality of a racket. Pip Spacing: Sparse (0.96mm). Butterfly Sriver has long been considered a classic table tennis rubber.       LP Attacking    Table Tennis Blogs google_ad_width = 728; Backhand rubbers are often used for blocking and flat hitting than a forehand rubber so lots of players would go for a lower arc on the backhand.       Anti Tactics and Techniques View unanswered posts | View active topics, Board index » Table Tennis Equipment - Specialised/Mainstream » Equipment (All),